Chemistry Resources

Virginia Science Activities, Models & Simulations (SAMS)
The Virginia Science Activities, Models and Simulations project engages students in middle and high school in practices that are essential for learning through inquiry. The activities involve asking questions or defining problems, using models or sensors, collecting data, interpreting results, using mathematics, technology and computational thinking, constructing explanations and designing solutions based on evidence.

Chemistry Demonstrations
James Madison University's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ChemDemo website provides demonstrations to get students interested in science and to visualize chemical concepts.

Chemistry Minute Videos
A new video series from Flinn Scientific presents tips and techniques to make teaching high school chemistry a little easier.

General Chemistry Online

Awesome Science Teacher Resources
Biology and chemistry resources for science teachers at the middle and high school levels.

Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry:
Access to a fully-developed laboratory investigations, demonstrations, readings, and multimedia to teach the big ideas about energy in your high school chemistry classroom.The resources are categorized in four areas: What is Energy?, How Do We Use Energy?, How Can Energy Change?, and Energy Theories. Each content item, as well as the entire resource collection, can be downloaded in PDF format.

Interactive Periodic Table - An Interactive Periodic Table with a Video for every element